A Legacy of Excellence in Education

You need only glance at the two photos on this page to realize that the children and schoolhouses they show are separated by more than 100 years. In 1899, the Irvine Company built the modest brick-and-clapboard Public School for children of tenant farmers on The Irvine Ranch® – Irvine’s very first school. Fast-forward 114 years to fall 2013 and the opening of Jeffrey Trail Middle School in Cypress Village, the newest school in the nationally admired Irvine Unified School District.

The students and teachers in the grainy black-and-white photo no doubt would marvel at the sophistication, breadth of curricula, and size and diversity of the student body at Jeffrey Trail Middle School. Yet, while separated by generations, the two schools are united by the Irvine Company’s long history of supporting Irvine’s schools, teachers, programs and schoolchildren.

Strong Partnerships Lead to Irvine’s Excellence in Education

As the company celebrates its 150th Anniversary this year, it does so with the acknowledgment that quality education is the cornerstone of all great communities – and Irvine is a great community. Irvine’s reputation as a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family is due in no small part to its schools and the community’s support.

Ever since the first bell rang at Irvine’s Public School more than a century ago, the Irvine Company has championed the city’s schools, teachers and schoolchildren. This special publication explores the numerous forms this support has taken through the decades, from the Irvine Company’s major financial gifts to enhance enrichment programs in music, science and art, to a unique collaboration with the city and school district in planning, designing and building beautiful modern schools.

At the Irvine Company, we learned many years ago that Irvine’s present and future strength and appeal depend on making sure that its children – tomorrow’s leaders – have access to the very finest education possible.

It is a lesson we are carrying with us into our next 150 years.

Land. Legacy. Life.®