Irvine Spectrum: The Ultimate Live Work Shop Play Experience

When the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company collaborated on the vision for Irvine Spectrum® in the early 1980s, planners aimed for the stars.

Spectrum Office

Spectrum Office Aerial View

They were confident the 5,000-acre, master-planned business and lifestyle center would become one of America’s leading hubs of diversified commerce and residential communities — home to national and international firms employing tens of thousands of people, many of them north Irvine residents. Irvine Spectrum’s broad lineup of industries and companies, they predicted, would encompass everything from medical devices, automobile design and telecommunications, to biomedicine, electronics and computer technology.

More than 30 years later, all of that – and much more – has come to pass. Irvine Spectrum has evolved into a vibrant mixed-use destination for companies and residents alike. It’s the epitome of smart growth, a showcase for the full range of benefits community master planning offers.

Working closely with the city, the Irvine Company has pioneered projects in Irvine Spectrum that place jobs, homes, shopping, dining and recreation in close proximity along with innovative transportation solutions.

As the Irvine Company celebrates its 150th anniversary, Irvine Spectrum is regarded as one of Irvine’s most significant planning achievements. Even as it continues to grow, Irvine Spectrum is helping the city realize its dream of creating an urban center of the future — a fun, exciting, ever-evolving place where residents can live, work, shop and play.

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